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The film “Le Monde est nouveau”

We are young, daring and undoubtedly European. We are coming from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and England. Juan, Carmen, Giuseppe, Laura, Marie, Tristan, Katharina, Max, Daniel, Rebecca, Lauren — here are our names. Europe is our land to conquer as we search for a new world.


We are driven by aspirations and plans, by freedom and journeys. But fate likes to play with those who dare to dream. Will the fascination that Carmen and Giuseppe feel for one another overcome everything that’s ahead of them? Juan, Carmen’s brother, the ambitious one with no prospects, and Giuseppe, the unaccomplished musician, so different in every way, will they manage to reconcile? What will they find, one in England, pursuing his dreams of making rock music, the other in Germany, hoping to land a career?


One thing is sure: this European road-movie and the beat of its original songs will not leave them unscathed just as it hasn’t left unmarked the students and the teachers who gave body and soul to this unique musical.

The project “The European Music Show”

The European Music Show is more than a crazy European educational project, and Le Monde est nouveau, the film directed by Luc Porta, is more than a musical, or an extraordinary human adventure. They are all of these things combined.

A crazy European educational project

The European Music Show is an educational project initiated by teachers from five European schools and funded by Erasmus+. Its aim: to produce a real movie and to have more than 80 European students sing together in five languages. To do that you need to write the songs, to make up a story and to write a film script, briefly to create a musical. But how to bring such a project to life when the singers, the dancers and the actors are certainly enthusiastic but complete amateurs and have no experience in movie making?

A musical

It was this challenge that the teachers and the students faced while writing music and lyrics for more than thirty songs. These songs became a movie thanks to the work of the professional movie director Luc Porta, who enthusiastically joined this unprecedented project. Camera at hand, he followed the tracks of our carefree troupe, our makeshift of script writers, assistants, costume makers and actors, filming in Andalusia, in Sicily, in Northumberland, in Wurtemberg and in different corners of Paris. So, he captured on film those magic moments that only an extraordinary adventure can bring about.

An extraordinary human adventure

Scattered across Europe, the characters of the story see their lives transformed. In real life, this also happened to all involved in the making of Le Monde est nouveau — the musical. How about you?

Coming out in May 2018

Paris 14, territoire de cinéma” will be screening the film on June 3rd, 2018, at 5pm, at the Gaumont Alésia.“Paris 14, territoire de cinéma” will be screening the film on June 3rd, 2018, at 5pm, at the Gaumont Alésia.


Technical information


Partner schools

Collège Alberto Giacometti (Paris 14e, France)

I.C.S. Pino Puglisi (Palermo, Sicily, Italy)

The Duchess’s Community High School and Lindisfarne Middle School (Alnwick, Northumberland, England)

Lise-Meitner Gymnasium (Böblingen, Bade-Wurtemberg, Germany)

I.E.S. Trayamar (Algarrobo, Andalusia, Spain)


LAPS Films presents Le Monde est nouveau

directed by Luc Porta


with Sebastián Rojas Moreno, Claudia Urbano Fernandez, Matthieu Vaillant, Chiara Bruno, Luwam Bucher, Maddie Clements, Stewart Oxley, Emma Straker, Larissa Ocak special appearance by Cécile Paoli


Film script , , , ,

based on an original idea by

image, sound, editing Luc Porta sound mixing Aube Production


Music director Svetlana Moreva

music composers Ana-María Villanueva Esteban, Bruna Perraro, Davide Velardi, Irene Salerno, Xavier Hannecart, Svetlana Moreva, Léonore Haas, Huw Sanderson, Lisa Coxon, Andreas Lachenmayer, Lena Irtingkauf

LAPS Films production funded by the ERASMUS+ programme, the collège Alberto Giacometti and the 14th district Town Hall in Paris


The European Music Show


Lily Abboudi, projet coordinator: : +33 6 74 07 22 71

Pascal Vaillant, technical coordinator : +33 6 48 60 47 76

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